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Assured Tenants Valuations

As assured tenant has security of tenure which means that they have the right to stay in their property until they pass away or decide to move out. The tenancy would have been set up between 15 January 1989 and 27 February 1997. Unlike a regulated tenancy the rent that they pay will not be a fair rent but will not be a full market rent either.

More often than not assured tenants were given their special status because the landlord or their agent did not give them a notice saying that they had an assured shorthold tenancy.This was not uncommon in those days which is why there are a lot of assured tenancies in the UK. They are not as popular amongst investors as regulated tenancies because the tenants tend to be younger and therefore you are going to have to wait longer to get vacant possession.

There is a good market for these types of tenancies but they are generally valued at lower prices than regulated tenancies. We can help you with an assured tenancy and can tell you over the phone what we would be prepared to offer you.

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