Landlords Responsibilities

regulated tenants  landlords responsibilities

Maintenance Of The Exterior

If you are the landlord of a regulated tenancy you will be responsible for the maintenance and the upkeep of the exterior. If the roof has a leak you will have to deal with it immediately. Apart from anything else you do not want to cause further damage to be incurred and if it is not dealt with immediately the council may empty their own contractors at great expense and do the work for you. They will send you a nice large invoice and expect it to be paid immediately. For this reason alone you must make sure that any problems are dealt with swiftly.

Internal Decorations

The tenant is usually responsible for the internal decorations of the property which is why most protected tenancies are not decorated regularly. There is little point in the tenant spending a fortune on the usual items that a homeowner would as they will not benefit from the increase in the property’s value. They also don’t see why they should spend money on the house which is fair enough. Most tenants are also getting on in years and therefore unable to do any works themselves which is why most of these tenanted houses are in an unmodernised state when the are vacated.