Tenant Safety – Annual Gas Safety Checks

regulated tenants gas safety checks

Gas Safety Checks Are Done Annually

It is the landlords responsibility to ensure that he provided a gas safety certificate for his property every year. It is essential that this is done so as to ensure that all electrical appliances in the property are working and that their is no problems that need to be addressed. It is worth noting that it is a criminal offence not to have gas safety check annually. If the property still has gas fires these will be checked when the engineer carries out his inspection.

If there is a problem with any of the appliances the engineer will disconnect it and you may have to look at replacing it. Most properties nowadays have central heating but some tenants still have the old gas fires in their properties.

Appliances Will Be Disconnected If Unsafe

During the safety check the engineer will carry out checks on all flues in the property, gas cookers, boilers. They will check all of the gas pipes to make sure that there are no leaks. Every engineer has to be qualified and a member of Gas Safe which is the body that regulates the industry.

Gas Safe has now replaced Corgi and is the organisation that supplies the certificates. Every engineer has to be on the Gas Safe register. If the engineer finds a faulty appliance he must make it safe and very often this means that the appliance is disconnected. You may have to get a plumber in to carry out any necessary works after the inspection has taken place.