Valuations For Protected Tenancies

protected tenancy valuations

Protected Tenancy Valuations

There are two main factors that re taken into consideration when valuing a protected tenancy. Probably the most important factor is the location of the property and it’s desirability. The second most important factor is the age of the tenant. At the end of the day a property will not become vacant until the tenant dies and therefore the older the tenant the higher the property valuation will be.

Protected Tenancies Age Is Important

A male tenant that is aged 85 years is going to be a far more attractive proposition than a female tenant aged 60 years. Some investors will argue that the tenant age is the most important factor to take into account whilst others would rather have a younger tenant in an excellent location. The rent that is paid by the tenant is also taken into consideration but this does not really impact on the valuation. Whether a tenant is paying a rent of £500 pcm of £600 pcm is neither here nor there and that valuation would be the same.

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