Security Of Tenure

Eviction Rates Are Tiny

If you have a tenant that has the benefit of a regulated tenancy you will be aware that you can not remove them fro their property under any circumstances. they have more rights to be in the house than the landlord that owns the building and the chances are you will never be able to evict them. There are very very few ground rents for a protected tenancy to be terminated.

Courts Will Not Evict

These tenants have security of tenure and the chances of gaining vacant possession in virtually nil. Of course you may be able to pay the tenant to leave but very few of them will accept this rout as they know that they will never get another tenancy of this nature. Even if they don’t pay their rent for 6 months you will not get vacant possession. The courts don’t want to evict the tenants so will insist that any arrears are repaid over a long period of time.

regulated tenancy security of tenure