Rent Assessment Panel

Fair Rent Officer Sets The Rent

Unlike an assured shorthold tenancy a regulated tenancy will be dealt with by a local rent officer that will set the rent via a rent assessment panel. The rent assessment panel will decide how much rent should be paid if there is a dispute over the rent. The landlord may apply every two years to have the rent increased but it will only increase inline with the retail prices index unless of course the landlord has had refurbishment works carried. If improvements have been made to the property the landlord can ask for an increase over and above the usual increase.

regulated tenancies rent-assessment-panel

Electronic Rent Register

The rent officer will also deal with any problems that may arise with the tenancy and it will be the first port of call if you have any problems. It the tenancy is a regulated tenancy you can search for information about the tenancy on this link. This is the electronic rent register and is in the public domain. The rent register has most of the information about the tenancy to include the amount of rent being paid and when the tenant moved in. It will also have the name of the tenant and when the rent was last increased.

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